This is how Fpay works, the app that everyone can use to pay and collect

No matter the bank, everyone can be a part.

Surely you have heard of Fpay, but if you still don’t know what it is, here we explain it very simply: Fpay is an application where you can put together all your debit or credit cards from any bank, with the App you can pay in shops associates (both physical and online), transfer free money to your cell phone contacts and charge from your app with a payment link or QR code.

You can download the app on iOS and Android and only with your RUT, email and phone, you can now be part.

One of the greatest added values ​​of Fpay is being able to leave your wallet at home. Your credit and debit cards are all inside and you can use them to pay at all participating businesses

You pay without contact, scanning the QR from your cell phone and thus protecting yourself in current times where distance is more important than ever.

With the App you can also transfer from your card to your cell phone contacts that have the app downloaded, it’s free and you don’t have to ask for their bank account details. It’s much simpler!

Charge? Of course, you generate your payment link that you can share on social networks or you can generate your own QR code, which the other person will have to scan from their app, a solution for small entrepreneurs

By the way, the use of Fpay accumulates extra CMR Points and lets you access exclusive promotions, making Fpay an indispensable app to pay and collect