This is how Fernando Alonso has remained after his accident: first photo after the operation

The Asturian has started to exercise very gently, but the highlight of the message is the photo with which he has accompanied him: it is the first after the bike accident that forced him to undergo surgery.

It was one of the most anticipated photos since Thursday the 11th gave a monumental scare in the form of a bicycle accident: the face of Fernando Alonso.

The Asturian has been commissioned to pose with a reassuring image, of which only the state in which it is sensed (but not shown at all) is his face has remained after the bicycle collided with a car in Lugano. With his mouth closed and outlining a slight smile, Alonso is optimistic while exercising very lightly: a few simple stretches with rubber bands in the sun, while listening to music.

«Vitamin D. Some elastic and rides to keep the shape. Happy with everything and grateful for your messages, “he wrote in the reassuring message.

Few conclusions can be drawn from this image, apart from the fact that the swelling has decreased significantly and that the visible consequences that will remain (at least with the mouth closed) will not be too noticeable. Another issue is the teeth, from which it was confirmed that he had to remove several pieces that will replace him in progressive visits to the dentist.

Alonso is in full postoperative phase and your exercises should be very gentle. All doctors point out that the recovery time from a type of injury (and consequent operation) such as the one that has been forced to undergo requires an absolute rest for at least a week before progressively returning to training.

Fernando Alonso starts his recovery: goal, March 12Fernando Alonso starts his recovery: goal, March 12Read news

The goal is for him to be ready by March 12, so his progressive return to physical work must be calm enough so that he does not affect the injuries in the upper jaw, which was the part that intervened in the hospital. of Bern.

The news of seeing him train little by little and that his face has not been too affected has been unanimously well received, as exemplified by the message they have left from the official account of the own Formula 1.

“It’s good to see you so strong, Fernando,” they have written.