This is how Erik Rubín responds to the controversy over photos with an influencer

“The truth is that I had not planned to give explanations, but they have been looking for me everywhere to give my statement on this matter that the truth is the most absurd thing in the world, but there they go,” he began his message Erik.

Rubin He clarified that there was erroneous information in what was published: “I was in Cancun last week, not in Tulum, I went with my dad to close a business there, and precisely with some of the partners they took me to know the restaurants that are in fashion there because with one of them we are going to do other things.

“In all these nights I will have taken photos and I have danced and I have greeted many people, among all these people that I greeted and with whom I lived, they took a photo where I appear talking with a girl, this girl also goes out with one of my friends, and as such, we were in a public place, “the singer added.

Erik He explained that the time he was in it was very short and insisted that what was published about it was meaningless and far from reality: “I will have been that night, at that table, no more than 5 minutes and now the networks are out that I, that unfaithful, what am I doing without Andrea? “

The singer stressed that his marriage to Legarreta It is based on trust, so he did not have to give her explanations of what happened that night: “I tell you that… we are a couple, but we are individuals who each do their own thing, their dreams, their careers.

“I do not know what relationships they have with their partners or with their husbands, who do not allow them to go anywhere or do not let them have friends, that is not our case, so I Andrea I don’t even have to explain anything to her, because she knows me, “he said.

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