This is how difficult it is to create an animated stop-motion movie

The corpse of the bride

Laika Studios – the protagonists of the movie Corpse of the Bride

Laika Studios is a production studio specialized in stop-motion animation feature films. This type of creation is very different from what we normally see in cinemas, since they have a more detailed creative process and with more work.

Unlike animations that are made directly in programs, stop-motion animation is first created with action figures in real life through pictures photographed. For example, that movies like Corpse of the Bride, Mr. Link, ParaNorman, Kubo and the Two Magic Strings and many more have been made in this way. In the following video you can see behind the scenes of several of these Laika Studios films.

As you can see, it is hard work to create a stop motion animation, since it is practically made as if it were a live action movie. You have to create scenarios, make very specific details to the characters with different faces and limbs, and the most complicated, ** move the characters through each image **. Without a doubt, it is a work of art to turn all these images into a film. Remember that Disney also has its method of making movies and they have revealed behind the scenes of Moana.