This is how Deivi Garcia is doing in the Yankees Minor Leagues

The Dominican of the Yankees from New York, Deivi Garcia, is having a regular season in the MLB Minor Leagues.

Deivi Garcia who seeks to establish himself as a starter in the Major Leagues with the Yankees It can be said that it is extremely difficult to achieve it, he had a terrible first start in the Minor Leagues, however, in the second he was executed.

In the first outing he gave up 5 runs in three innings with 4 strikeouts, losing the game.

However, in the second outing he threw 5 innings without allowing 3 hits and 7 strikeouts, making a total of 82 pitches.

In a total Deivi Garcia he has thrown 8.1 innings where he has allowed 5 runs with 10 strikeouts, taking into account the two starts he has had in the minor leagues.

Remember that the native of Bonao had an exit in the big team this 2020, where he gave up two runs in 4 innings adding 3 BB and 4 strikeouts against the Baltimore Orioles, where he took the loss.

Here the video:

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