Cardi B impressed her fans a couple of days ago with an unexpected song / Vanities

Cardi B impressed his followers a couple of days ago with a song unexpected that has nothing to do with the style she handles and that made her famous in different countries.

Boasting her vocal range and wearing her characteristic and eccentric outfit, the American rapper showed off in a live broadcast where she performed one of the most famous songs of Latin America.

From the living room of her house and visibly “party”, the actress also threw a dove with a knife in hand, acting as a microphone and in the purest style of Rocio durcal interpreted the theme Eternal love, emblematic song of the inspiration of the remembered singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel.

With streaming transmitted to almost 35,000 of its more than 65 million followers on InstagramBelcalis Almánzar, his real name, showed that in addition to rapping he also enjoys other musical styles and surprised his fans by reaching the tones that said composition requires.

Also known for her long and colorful nails, her style that has been described as aggressive when rapping and for her scandals and controversial Within the entertainment industry, when she was involved in different occasions in fights with other singers, this time the 27-year-old hip-hopera gave something to talk about when showing her fondness for music latin, wearing a tiny green bikini and from isolation at home.

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The interpreter of Press and I like it also mainly surprised her Latin followers by demonstrating a remarkable pronunciation of the Spanish Language in his interpretation, whose video went viral generating a large number of comments.

“Seeing Cardi B sing Rocío Dúrcal empowered me so much that I’m ready for a zombie apocalypse”, “Cardi B singing Eternal Love with Rocío Dúrcal was everything I needed to continue with my life”, “Cardi B is cool singing with tremendous peda on top ”,“ It is like inviting her to karaoke ”.

This was not the first time that the one born in New York sings in Spanish, as he previously launched alongside the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Ozuna the song The model, a subject that was a complete success; in addition to a long time ago he shared a video in which he is seen singing the Christmas carol El burrito sabanero to his daughter Kulture.

In addition, to honor the late Camilo Sesto on the day of his death last September, the Grammy winner for Best Rap Album in 2019 shared a couple of videos in which he appears lip-syncing the songs Algo de mí y Jamás by the Spanish musician .

Cardi B and her husband Offset last January during the Grammy Awards pre-gala in Beverly Hills, California (Photo: AFP / Gregg DeGuire)
Cardi B and her husband Offset last January during the Grammy Awards pre-gala in Beverly Hills, California (Photo: .)