This is how car manufacturers are fighting the chip shortage

If you liked the digital instrumentation of the Peugeot 308, forget about getting it: the Stellantis group has communicated that will stop including your i-Cockpit on that model, and the reason is clear: the shortage of chips.

That shortage is the same that causes problems when it comes to getting a PS5 or an NVIDIA RTX 3070, but the automotive industry has already reacted with a Solomonic measure: removing those extras and returning to opt for “analog” solutions.

Revenge of the analog

This is of course the case with the Peugeot 308, whose production plant in Sochaux does not receive the necessary chip for the i-Cockpit digital panel. That option will continue to be available on other models such as the Peugeot 3008 SUV, but to alleviate supply problems the French manufacturer has decided to return to much more analog dashboards.

That decision is not the only one in this sense, and manufacturers such as the North American RAM – also from the Stellantis group – no longer includes the digital rear view mirror as standard on its RAM 1500 trucks. It is only offered as an extra in its most expensive variant.

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The cuts have rubbed off on General Motors’ Chevrolet Silverado pickup, which removes fuel saver module because the chip that enabled that function is also very difficult to get today.

Other components such as the tablets that are included in these vehicles are also being eliminated depending on what cases. The Renault Arkana coupe SUV, which has just appeared on the market, cannot be purchased with the largest tablet model advertised, which had a diagonal of 10.2 inches.

Castrate GPS navigators have been another option wielded by manufacturers to fight chip shortages. Nissan has removed its navigator as standard equipment on some models, and there is talk that other manufacturers will follow suit.

Chip shortage is paralyzing the entire auto industry, and although TSMC – which is also a clear protagonist in this segment – indicated that it may begin to respond to demand in June, many analysts believe that the crisis is far from being resolved.

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