Like every third Sunday in June, Father’s Day is celebrated today and in the midst of a health emergency, this year it will be a different celebration to which brands have irretrievably joined.

Although it is expected that this year revenues will be visibly lower, the truth is that at the moment of reopening this celebration is located as a sales engine in an economy characterized by a low level of domestic consumption.

Father’s Day numbers

It is expected that during this year’s Father’s Day celebrations, commerce and services can recover only 10 percent of the economic spill they obtained last year, which was greater than 27 billion pesos nationwide and approximately 3 billion in the State of Mexico, according to estimates by the Toluca Valley National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco).

In a timely manner, Brand Engagement revealed that 45 percent of Mexicans will spend between 500 and 1,000 pesos, 40 percent between 1,000 and 3,000 pesos, 19 percent up to 500 pesos and 12 percent more than 3,000 pesos.

With the economic reactivation program that already includes the operation of restaurants and certain points of sale, it is possible that the figure will be higher, especially if we consider that hundreds of points of sale have joined the online sale.

Advertising around the celebration

With this in mind, it is not surprising that various brands have generated special campaigns for the celebration of Father’s Day, many of which will be reflected in the digital environment.

According to Dynamic, this edition would generate up to 38 thousand 785 million minutes of video In online advertising, the advertising segments with the greatest opportunity will be: automobiles, men’s fashion and insurance plans.

In this way, we present some executions carried out by recognized brands that have sought ways to send a message of congratulation for Father’s Day: