This is how Bad Bunny’s Bugatti was. ‘Vandals did their thing’

Bad Bunny’s Bugatti was ‘vandalized’.

Photo: Glenn Francis. / Grosby Group

We already found out days ago that the reggaeton Bad bunny agreed to appear in a wrestling ring with the famous The Miz. Let us remember that the Puerto Rican is a lover of wrestling despite not being a professional athlete. This meeting will take place within the framework of Wrestlemania WWE next April 10 in Tampa bay.

But that did not stop there, during a television show himself Bad bunny ‘he punched The Miz and knocked him to the floor ‘as a snack for the next fight between the two. But now the rematch has gotten out of control and the sports car Bugatti of the interpreter of ‘Dakiti’ appeared vandalized and everything indicates that The Miz and John morrison it has everything to do with this, as his name appeared on the luxury car pretending that it was written in ‘blood’, which was actually red paint.

Suddenly the opponents of Bad bunny and they gave him an ‘example to the time that you could hear him say The Miz exclaim a few words: “I don’t respect your two million dollar car, I don’t respect your music, and I don’t respect you!” It should be noted that the famous Puerto Rican’s vehicle is valued at 3.5 million dollars.

As we know all this is part of the ‘show’ and surely behind both celebrities there is a healthy friendship. Even so, that debate between the two goes on and many are those who have already begun to prepare and surely to open their bets.