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Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were fired by WWE a few months ago as part of the budget cuts due to the Coronavirus. Multiple superstars were fired by the company. Many of them, including Gallows and Anderson, have chosen to sign with IMPACT Wrestling.

Luke Gallows recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet and spoke on multiple topics. They discussed AJ Styles and how The Good Brother’s relationship with him was not affected after his dismissal.

Chris Van Vliet also asked Gallows how close AJ Styles was to jumping off the ship and joining AEW. Former RAW tag team champion Luke Gallows replied that Styles has always been treated with respect in WWE.

“It is on a different level than ours. He reached a different level than WWE. You are working with a different type of money than we are working with and working with a different type of creativity than we were working with. I don’t know how close he was to leaving. They always treated AJ Styles correctly. He is a few years older than us. Confidently, he told us what his offer was and it was incredible. No matter how good you are outside, it will be very difficult to say no to anyone who gives you that money. It’s just like that.”

Luke Gallows on whether he was ‘mad’ at AJ Styles

Luke Gallows also spoke about whether his equation with AJ Styles was hampered after being released from WWE. He said that even AJ Styles didn’t know they were going to be released. Luke Gallows admits that at the end of the day, it’s just entertainment.

“I don’t want to put it all on AJ, but AJ was very influential for us to stay.” That is not a bad thing. He didn’t know either and I think that’s why he felt so bad about it. We are adult men. It is not anyone else’s responsibility, but he said, I feel very bad. I convinced them to stay. I told you everything was going to be fine and then it wasn’t. But we were never mad at him. We were never mad at him for two seconds. It is wrestling. It is entertainment. The wheel keeps turning. If I had gone to AEW, we would have left. We would have gotten out of there because his contract had also expired in January and we could have all gone together. ”

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