This is Google’s new ‘easter egg’ that refers to the DVD screensaver

05/14/2021 at 6:39 PM CEST

Antonio Vallejo Taslimi

With the arrival of DVD players many years ago, one of the curiosities of these devices was their screensavers. In it we saw the logo of the DVD itself wandering from one side of the screen to the other, always leaving us with the uncertainty of whether it would reach any of the corners of our television. The nostalgia produced by this screensaver became a meme a few years ago, and now from Google they have wanted to pay a rather funny tribute.

To activate this ‘easter egg’, just access Google through a desktop computer. Then you just need to put in the search box: ‘dvd screensaver‘. By waiting a few seconds, we will see how the Google logo will move across our screen, changing color each time it reaches the edge of the panel itself. Below these lines you can see a tweet from Zouhir Chahoud, a software engineer at Google, where you can see the results of this curious Google search.

In case you want to remember this effect, you can also access the Bouncing DVD logo website, a website designed solely to show the DVD logo moving around all the edges of our screen. Google has many hidden references in its services. The vast majority of them are compiled on this website.

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