Forecast is the new application with which Facebook wants users to predict the future.

Facebook is living a few weeks with a lot of movement. After launching an app for your gaming platform, Facebook Shops and CatchUp, application for video calls; The company formed by Mark Zuckerberg wants more data and that is why it has launched a new app: Forecast, with the company wants the user to predict the future.

Forecast is the new application that Facebook is working on, and is currently in a testing phase. With it, the company of Mark Zuckerberg wants users to be able to predict the future, since it is a community for the prediction of crowdsourcing, a tool that seeks to outsource or delegate tasks to leave them in charge of a large group of people or community. In this case, the objective is none other than that the users of said app can make predictions about the future.

This is Forecast, the new Facebook application for mobile devices.

It is an application created by the Facebook team NPE (the new product experimentation team) and which is currently in a beta phase which at the moment can only be accessed by invitation. From what users have been able to share through the beta page on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, in Forecast users will be able to make ask and predictions on hot topics with the points they earn in the application.

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Forecast, an app with which Facebook wants users to predict the future

« Forecast is a place to ask questions and use points in the app to make predictions about the future. All questions are submitted by the community and then moderated for clarity, using Forecast’s moderation guidelines and the Facebook Community Standards, ”reads the description of the application on its official page. Even users will be able debate the answers of the community.

At the moment said application has released its beta with the Covid-19 as the main theme. Facebook will invite people from the academic, research and health communities to make predictions about the pandemic and its impact on the world. At the moment access to the beta is achieved by invitation, but if you want to try this new app you can always request access in the Facebook group « Forecast Beta Testers ». It should also be noted that this new application can only be downloaded for iOS devices.

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