Apart from his tremendous superiority in the Formula 1 World Championship, Lewis hamilton He has also starred in the covers and news in England in recent days for his private life, as the British pilot has been photographed on a luxurious yacht with the spectacular model Florence Mueller. The couple enjoyed a day cruising the waters of Corsica. And then they were seen taking a helicopter and flying to Italy, where the British pilot would compete in the Italian Grand Prix and where she also usually has professional commitments as a model.

But, Who is Florence Mueller? Until his romance with Hamilton came to light it was not too well known, but now his social networks grow daily in terms of followers. The model has her Instagram account closed, hence she does not have as many ‘followers’ as she could, but where she can be seen a lot is on Tik Tok, as she sweeps her provocative videos on that social network.

At 25, he publishes photo shoots, parties in Miami, walks through Milan … 129,000 followers have on Tik Tok and 63,000 on Instagram, where he also shares fiery poses with those who revolutionize the networks. Thanks to her spectacular figure, she is a bikini model, and her career is not bad at all, attending her luxurious home in Miami or the clothes she usually wears, from very expensive brands.

He does not hide in the networks, as he publishes photos and videos even of his boat parties or his day to day at home. And now everything she does will have much more impact after being « hunted » with Lewis Hamilton, with whom she could start a serious relationship if their romance gets worse.

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