Lately, Microsoft is putting all the meat on the grill with games outside of Xbox. First, it is betting heavily on the Game Pass subscription on PC, where for 3.99 euros a month we can play many quality games. Now, one step closer to what appears to be coming in the coming years, have opened the registration for the preliminary version from Project xCloud, the streaming video game platform that will rival Google Stadia.

For the record, we will need a Microsoft account, enter our country or region of residence, select our mobile phone operator, and enter the operating system of our smartphone (at the moment it requires choosing Android), although it does not require entering the system version or a serial number. TrAs we register, we will not be able to play, and we are presented with this message:

“We will get back to you within a couple of months at the most to let you know if you were selected for the initial preview. Note: We will only accept a limited number of participants in the first round and registration does not guarantee that you will be selected.”

As we see, registration will be limitedSo if we are interested in being an xCloud early adopter, it is best to hurry up. The email will only come if we are chosen, but they will admit new players throughout the year.

What will we need to play on xCloud

As in the first months of Google Stadia, devices are very limited, ** the preview version of xCloud will not be released to all devices where you can expect to be able to play in the future **. Nor will it be possible to play with the freedom of peripherals that many players would like. We see what Microsoft is asking for.

First, xCloud can only be played with a smartphone or tablet with an Android operating system. You will have to count on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher, with Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher. As for the controller, we will need the official Xbox wireless controller, compatible with Bluetooth (original controller that accompanies the Xbox One S or Xbox One X, Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller or Xbox Design Lab Controller are compatible, the Xbox One or the original Xbox Elite are not supported.)

The company sells an official clip with which to anchor the smartphone to the command to make the gaming sessions more comfortable.

Regarding the connection, Microsoft recommends 5 GHz Wi-Fi or mobile data, with a minimum download of 10 Mbps. It is somewhat confusing, because a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network can give transfer quality, but the minimum seems to be those 10 Mbps.

To play on the smartphone, once the confirmation email arrives, you will have to install the Xbox Game Streaming application (preliminary version). Thus, at the moment there will be no possibility of playing in the browser or other devices other than PC, although everything can change from here to the couple of months that Microsoft talks about.