“This is a very special place and it is always worth being here”

Sergio garcia, Masters winner in 2017, He could not play last November’s edition due to the coronavirus. And that absence due to the covid-19 made him value, and a lot, this first Grand Slam in the hours before the start of the 85th edition. “It was a shame not being able to be here in November. Things happen because they have to happen and you have to accept it. Obviously, the field was being played very differently from how it is played in April. But you have to keep moving forward. The good thing is that it has given me a different perspective and made me miss it even more. Maybe there are years that you are a little frustrated and you say ‘I did not even have to come’, but then you realize the year that you cannot come that it is a very special place. And that although there are times when it doesn’t work out, it’s always worth being here, ”Sergio acknowledged.

It has been a complicated year and the Castellón is no stranger to the situation that is being experienced in the world due to the pandemic. “You have to try to take it in the best possible way. There are hard times, for example, until I came back from Saudi Arabia, I had not seen my parents. To my mother in 15 or 16 months and to my father in a year. These are things that have happened in my life, I have never been so long without seeing them. And the two guys we lost are unfortunate things, everyone has suffered a lot and we have to deal with it in the best possible way, ”said Borriol’s.

How could it be otherwise, Sergio continues to seek improvement, progress in his game. “Obviously, there are two or three things you are trying to improve. We continue working on it. But yes, I am happy, playing golf is what I like the most and seeing that the work I have been doing little by little is paying off helps me feel a little more comfortable and do things a little better. It’s easier to enjoy, “he said. And that’s what Sergio is doing, enjoying himself: “Yes, it is always nice to see the field, see how it is, see the slopes, the trees, the azaleas… You have to give it the importance it has. Sometimes we don’t give it to them. And all the professionals and amateurs who cannot come here… we are fortunate to be able to come here every year and enjoy it ”, he concluded.