This iPod Classic, with Spotify and Apple Music, is a whole trip to the past

We live in the age of streaming. Never in history has it been easier to access content. Be it music, podcasts or videos, they are all at your fingertips on your smartphone. However, a long time ago everything was different. The iPod was the favorite entertainment device of millions of people. Now thanks to a web application, the most nostalgic will be able to relive that experience, but with their current Spotify and Apple Music songs.

A software developer named Tanner Villarete has tried to recreate Apple’s classic music player in a web app, compatible with his most popular music streaming services. Using it is very easy. You simply have to enter and log in with your account Apple Music or Spotify. Once that step is completed, you can browse your favorite songs with the unforgettable “Click wheel”.

IPod Classic in a web application

Credit: Tanner Villarete

Villarete has been inspired by a 6th generation iPod. The developer has imitated the design to perfection to make this nostalgic journey as complete as possible. Unfortunately, the web application works only in desktop browsers. If you try to enter from your mobile, the page will load, but when you log in it will show a warning.

There is no doubt that using the iPod Classic wheel with the computer mouse is not the best, but to partially relive moments of the past is not bad at all. The developer has published his project on GitHub, so if you want to take a look you can do it by going to this link.

The iPod Classic (originally called just iPod) was released in 2001 and discontinued in 2014. One of the strengths of these devices was their storage capacity to hold a large number of songs. In its 12 years of life, it had six generations with hard drives that ranged from 5 GB to 160 GB.

Apple currently sells the iPod Touch from 239 euros. It is the seventh-generation model, which was introduced in 2019 to replace the 2015 one. While it is one of the company’s most affordable devices, its features are modest. These include an Apple A10 Fusion chip and up to 256GB of storage.

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