This Intel Mini PC has almost everything: 16GB of RAM an i5, Windows 10 and a very attractive price of € 479 | Technology

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If you want a complete computer to work with, a Mini PC is a good option. Although most models are basic, low cost, there are others like the Intel NUC that can be quite powerful.

Depending on the use and needs of each user, the type of computer required may vary. Professionals who come and go between work centers do need a laptop, although for teleworking perhaps a desktop computer is more interesting, although unfortunately in the latter case there is not much variety.

Yes, there is in Mini PC, a format that makes its way little by little thanks to its prices, usually lower than normal.. There are surprisingly cheap ones, although if you are looking for a powerful Mini PC and with Windows 10, there is one that is surely one of the best: the Intel NUC that Amazon sells for 470 euros at the moment.

Intel NUC with i5 on Amazon

It is a barebone type computer, that is, it is usually sold with a chassis and processor (an Intel Core i5 in this case), although there is a vendor who has configured it completely, and with quality components.

It has practically everything, so it is a computer ready to work, and with Windows 10. In addition, shipping is totally free to any part of Spain, whether or not you are an Amazon Prime user.

If you don’t need a lot of processing power and you don’t have a lot of space on your table, forget about desktop computers!

16GB of RAM and SSD, more than enough for Windows

The performance you can expect from this Windows 10 Mini PC is excellent, as indicated by its components.

To get started, Its processor is an 8th Generation Intel Core i5, which has been offering good performance for several years., so in efficiency and power you can put few drawbacks.

It should be added that its SSD gives Windows what it needs to run very smoothly, as well as its 16GB of RAM, which guarantees that there will be few problems whatever the application you want to run.

A laptop offers versatility and in many cases a lot of power. These are some low cost models with Windows 10 that will solve a good part of your problems.

These are its main technical specifications:

Processors: Intel Core i5-8259U RAM Memory: 16GB DDR4 2400 Mhz Storage: 256GB SSD Operating System: Windows 10 Bluetooth 5.0 WiFi AC

It also has quite a lot of storage capacity. With 256GB you will not be as tight as with the 128GB that is usual in the cheapest models.

Obviously, there are many other Mini PCs with Windows 10 that are worthwhile and are very cheap, although this Intel NUC goes a step further and is recommended for somewhat more demanding tasks.

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