Cardiff University and Cambridge in the UK teamed up to do a joint study to find out if a person is a potential psychotic

By: Web Writing

United Kingdom.- The psychosis it is an important mental condition. This condition is caused by reactions of the nervous system.

In some severe cases, the psychosis it causes delusions or alterations of the reality, like hallucinations.


Cardiff University and Cambridge in the UK teamed up to demolish a study together to know if a person is a potential psychotic.

The study is to observe the following image in black and white.


Don’t worry if you could make out any shape or image, but if you managed to see the figure of a baby we have news for you, it could be an indicator of suffering psychosis.

It turns out that in the study carried out with 34 volunteers, the researchers noted that 18 of them, with a history of hallucinations and psychotic flares, saw a baby, the other 16, without any such disorder, saw nothing.

Research shows that people with certain mental characteristics have an easier time turning the apparently abstract into something real.

Below we show you the image in color so you can see the baby.