This illustration of One Punch Man vs Marvel and DC is one of the best you’ll see today

One Punch Man vs Marvel and DC

Saitama training vs the great team of Marvel and DC superheroes

Marvel and DC have a large catalog of superheroes that have very interesting stories. Each of its characters have shown impressive skills They have certainly caught the attention of many viewers, but would they be enough to stand up to Saitama?

The reputation of One Punch Man is given by his ability to eliminate his enemies with a single blow, because he has an enormous strength that is compared to nothing. If someday will face the Avengers and the Justice LeagueSurely he would be a very difficult opponent, as the ArtStation artist known as Woo Chul Lee in one of his illustrations shows. Below you can see what would happen if this battle were to happen.

saitama vs marvel and dcOne Punch Man vs Marvel and DC – Fan Art x Woo Chul Lee

This Fan Art has been very cool with the art style that has been given to the stage and each character. Here we can see Saitama hanging superman effortlessly to show Batman, Iron Man and Captain America how strong he is. Without a doubt, it would be a rival that is better not to approach. On the other hand, Saitama has faced other characters from other franchises such as Bruce Lee, Goku from Dragon Ball and The Boys.

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