During the afternoon of this Wednesday, the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates gave a talk for students of the Tecnológico de Monterrey where he raised his vision about what is happening and what he will sell in the future as a result of the pandemic.

Under the name « Bill Gates at Tec de Monterrey » thanks to this activity, the students of the aforementioned study house were able to ask questions to the recognized leader of the technology company.

What was said by Bill Gates

As reported by some media, Microsoft’s father assured that the damage caused during this pandemic « will be incredible and will exacerbate almost any type of inequity, » in a specific way that « as an individual or country, if there was an inequity before, it will be accentuated ”.

For Gates, the effects of the pandemic would be reduced at the end of this year and will see its end sometime the following year; However, he pointed out that it will be within one or two years that it will be possible to return to the point that the world and the economy had before the health crisis, which will be « a test for governments where some will pass and others will fail. » noted the philanthropist.

The philanthropist also mentioned the problems that small businesses face in several countries and the risk they run in the face of economic uncertainty.

In this sense, he expressed what is needed for him to support and reactivate these sectors that are vital in economies such as Mexico.

« Obviously we need loans for them, some sectors are more affected such as tourism, restaurants, all those things that we have to rebuild, » said Bill Gates, while assuring that « like a war we have accelerated innovation and as in the great war public policies will be needed ”.


Additionally, and taking up the issue of inequalities, the co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, emphasized the role that education plays in closing the gap in this regard, where he assured that colleges and private schools should consider making more accessible their tuition fees to help more and more people have access to that right.

This fact generated some reactions on social networks, which were translated into memes and comments that echoed the prices that Tec de Monterrey itself manages.