Nemo Bandeira’s story has come to a final end. Telecinco aired this Monday, March 16, the last episode of ‘Vivir sin permission’, the successful fiction created by Aitor Gabilondo for Mediaset Spain. The series has closed with an episode full of intensity and drama in which deaths and unexpected twists were not lacking. Everything has precipitated in a heart attack chapter in which we have finally known the final destination of each of the protagonists of this story marked byr the love, the drug, the ambition and also, undoubtedly because of the Alzheimer’s disease of its protagonist. And it is that Nemo hue’s disease has played a vital role in the last minutes of the successful Telecinco series.

Nemo Bandeira in ‘Living without permission’]

In this way, in the episode we have seen how Nemo Bandeira had a clear objective: close their war and that of the rest of the Galicians with the Artega. Her goal was to be able to end the confrontation and get her daughter, her future grandson and everyone who loves him could have a peaceful future when he dies. He didn’t want more battles, or more blood, he just wanted a happy ending for his own. That is why throughout the chapter we see him directly negotiating Germán Arteaga to end the conflict once and for all. What the Bandeira leader expects little is that Lara and Mario are not willing to do so. start a particular war to end the Mexicans. This is where the bloody battle is coming in which only one side must remain alive.

The great turn of Nemo Bandeira

Parallel to this movement, Nemo Bandeira has many more surprises in store for his family, and no one expects either that he is willing to tell everything, to reveal the whole truth, to put on the table a file of corruption and drugs that any judge would kill for having. The leader of the Bandeira decides to entrust this mission to what until now had been his great enemy, Judge Marina Cambeiro. The drug trafficker gives him all the documentation that proves the corruption that he has been exercising for years, but he simply asks him for something: he decides when and how to do it and only on condition that his family is immune to the entire judicial process. Because ifNemo had a very well laid out plan to end it all … even with himself.

The fate of Nina, Lara and Mario

And it is that as we approach the end of the protagonist of this story we see how the different open fringes are closed. Nina decides to leave the West forever, makes her pregnant and with Mario’s promise to never forget that baby that will unite them forever. On the other hand, Lara decides to let herself be carried away by the love she feels towards Mario Mendoza and ends this story with him, leaving Malcolm Souza aside forever. Despite the night of passion that they both star, the girl decides for what had undoubtedly been the love of her life, the boy who took care of her since she arrived in the West and approached the Bandeira. Both decide to live their love together and they do so after saving themselves from the clutches of Germán, who is on the verge of killing the girl.

The outcome of Los Artega in ‘Living without permission’

The end of the Arteaga

And is that Germán does not hesitate to go to the Pazo to end the life of Nemo Bandeira, who has set him up. The Mexican drug trafficker arrives at the scene after a great discussion with his son Daniel, whom he does not hesitate to repudiate for his homosexuality. Between father and son the definitive rifirrafe takes place that ends with Daniel with a shot of his father in the abdomen. What little Germán expects is that this shot will also mark his destiny and that is that minutes later, when the man is about to end the life of Mario and Lara inside the Bandeira home, his son appears and also shoots him. , gives a fatal shot to his parent. They both end up dying side by side. The fate of the Arteaga ends at that moment forever.

Nemo Bandeira’s final destination

Far from there is Nemo, who with everything resolved, decides to go to the call of the love of his life, Lara’s mother. While the police act, they intervene all Nemo’s businesses and Mario and Lara start a new life together and free but living thanks to Nemo’s permission, Alzheimer’s lashes the Bandeira leader harder than ever. On that beach that he visited so much with the woman of his life, he now lives his last minutes of lucidity. There he thinks he is seeing Lara’s mother but in reality it is all a new hallucination caused by his mind, increasingly fragile. At that moment, Ferro, his faithful ally, comes to the place. The man, with tears in his eyes, fulfills the last request of his “captain”. “The day that I do not remember the name of my children, finish me off,” he asked in his day. And yes, that time has come, Nemo no longer remembers it. For this reason, and with a shot to the head, he decides to end his life forever. End with this story marked by pain, love and fear of forgetting.