This has been the staging of “Memory” and “I’m going to stay” with Blas Cantó

On the night of Saturday, February 20, Spanish Television broadcast the ‘Destination Eurovision’ gala, in which the public decided with which song Blas Cantó would represent Spain in Eurovision 2021. An appointment that concluded with the victory of « I’m going to stay » over « Memory », with 58% and 42% of the votes respectively, after he started with the presentation of both on stage, with two very different staging.

Blas sang in ‘Destination Eurovision’

In order to wrap both themes in a suitable scenography, Blas had the work of creative director Marvin Dietmann as part of the Spanish Eurovision team, who has also worked with Conchita Wurst or Cesár Sampson at the festival. « Blas has very clear ideas about what and how he wants to be, shine and transmit it through the screen. And that helps me a lot, because during the creation process we have to adapt things », praised the Austrian, about the development of the staging. « Working with Marvin has been great. It gives off brutal energy and great magnetism. Has understood the songs and created a concept for each of them« , commented for his part Cantó.

The Murcian said that « it was precisely what we wanted: to build a story around the issues from the beginning, from the gala. » In fact, Dietmann has also been involved in the realization process that involves the performances, especially in rehearsals., since the Austrian confessed that « I try to guide the team ». « We work on the perspectives of the cameras, of the lights and I make annotations of all the time codes and changes that the technical team executes, » explained the director, for whom « the vision of the singer also counts. » « I try to combine all these elements and that everything goes in the same line as it is foreseen in the sketches, « concluded the Austrian.

« Memoria », a scenography of contrasts

Modern pop theme, « Memory » collected in its lyrics « two types of memories » of memories of Cantó: « some sweet and charming; and on the other hand, a flashback where he tries to find his grandmother in his mind. He tries to connect with her again, but he is not able to. « A duality that Marvin wanted to differentiate in the performance, using lighting and mappings. In this way, while the stanzas feature a colorful, even dreamlike, scenery that appeals to a pleasant and lively atmosphere, the chorus is enveloped by a muted atmosphere and a dark stage. Regarding the realization, it was decided to focus on the figure of Cantó, with a steadycam that « makes a very short shot of him for the first time in the song », and then « break with everything, we mix all the rules and we fall into the chaos « and finish off with » a very warm amber light and he stays in the center. He is alone « , as the set designer explained to TVE.

« I’m going to stay », a minimalist staging

Dietmann defines the theme chosen for Eurovision 2021 as « pure poetry », which is why he opted for « a very minimalist scenography because the song itself is powerful and, combined with Blas’s voice, it grows and gets bigger and bigger. « In fact, the staging lacks frontal light on the singer, » only some spotlights « on Cantó, for a very simple reason, as he explained. Marvin: « the most important thing is him, his voice and this moment ». The performance, in fact, started with a scenography that emulated the night, in which the Murcian stood in front of an eclipsed moon, to evolve as the song progressed towards a play of lights and visuals on the LED screens, with a intensity in crescendo that concluded with the satellite shining in all its splendor behind Blas, who was also enveloped by hundreds of lights on the stage.