This has been the special of ‘Sálvame’ in tribute to Mila Ximénez

‘Salvame’ tribute to Mila Ximénez. (Photo: MEDIASET)

This Wednesday there was going to be Save me. A special prior to the decisive match of the Spanish team against Slovakia in the European Championship had displaced the program of the grid. But by chance, Telecinco has had to change the programming again.

The death of Mila Ximénez, one of Sálvame’s illustrious collaborators, has precipitated the decision and finally Mediaset has paid tribute to the journalist as she deserved: in her program and with the participation of all her colleagues, many of them friends.

As many had already requested on Twitter, the tune of the headline of the program has been the same as always – “Save me, come swimming to me” – but the version sung by her.

The headline has given way to an exciting video of her and to a darkened set, chaired by Jorge Javier Vázquez. Showing great integrity, JJ has addressed the public to begin this tribute to his great friend.

María Patiño, Belén Esteban, Gema López, Andrés Caparrós, Belén Rodriguez, Rafa Mora and Lydia Lozano surrounded the presenter without being able to contain their tears.

A sadness that had been multiplied by Pablo Alboran’s song that sounded in the background: Only you. The Malaga artist and the journalist maintained a special relationship of friendship and admiration, as he has made known with his farewell tweet.

Among the staff of collaborators who have come to fire his partner, two were especially missed: Kiko Matamoros and Kiko Hernández with whom he formed the so-called “Eje del mal”, as they themselves baptized for their scathing and direct attitude. The first is admitted to a hospital …

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