This has been the message of Julia Otero with which she has announced that she is temporarily withdrawing from the radio due to cancer

Despite the fact that many of us continue trying to digest yesterday’s documentary by Jordi Évole with Pau Donés in ‘That you give me’, the cancer news, Unfortunately, they continue to happen and today we have learned that the great journalist Julia Otero also suffers from this disease.

It was through the radio program that she conducts on Onda Cero, ‘Julia en la onda’, in which she gave the news that she was aware of just a week ago “in a routine check-up” and that will keep her away from the microphones for a few weeks to undergo cancer treatment.

After a week I have come to the conclusion that I had to share the reason for my absence. We have spent so many afternoons sharing so many things, that if the table coffee, that if the snack, that if all the waves of the pandemic…. and what less than to tell all of you what happens to me. Last Tuesday, not a week ago, in a routine check of those that we all have to do when it plays, came the surprise. In a little corner they appeared a few inches of selfish cells (…) of those who do not seek the common good but forget and go on their own. The word cancer is scary but I’m learning to pronounce it in the first person for six days. It is not easy, but there we are. The number of times you have heard me say on the radio that you have to call things by their name, right? Well, I am applying the story these days. I’m going to be a little bit of time, not long, knocked out, a few months, although my oncologist insists that Between chemo and chemo I stopped being nonsense and let me go to the radio to give you a bit of trouble. And that’s what I plan to do. So I threaten to do it as soon as you can, which I hope will be a few days.

With these words, Julia Otero, that voice that is part of our recent history, has announced at age 60 that she suffers from cancer and that, temporarily, she leaves the radio to become one more listener.

There are thousands and thousands of people who are going through the same thing, some will even be listening to me at this precise moment: you know that Now yeah, now I know exactly what it feels like. But I say one thing: if science has sent a robot to Mars that arrives at the scheduled time, on the scheduled day, how can we overcome that!

How could it be otherwise, the messages of support have not been made wait among colleagues, friends, listeners and followers.

Photo | Gtres