This has been the fifth reign of Brock Lesnar as champion

Brock Lesnar, the embodied beast has offered us a reign with short fights but a very epic final rivalry. This has been the fifth reign of Brock Lesnar as champion.

This is how I win the Brock Lesnar belt.

Brock Lesnar would return to the Wwe after being absent for a while after losing his title to Rollins at Summerslam. It was on September 17 when we saw him again at the blue mark, Brock had not been present at a Smackdown show for 3 years. In that show Lesnar challenged Kofi Kingston for the Wwe world title. Kofi accepted and we would have for the premiere episode of Smackdown on Fox, a fight for the maximum title. When Kofi accepted the fight, the beast applied his characteristic F-5 to him making clear his intentions. The following week on Raw, on the September 30 episode, Brock brutally attacked Rey Misterio and his son Dominic, leaving them severely injured. In the October 4 episode as previously agreed he would face Kingston for the maximum title. The fight began and in just 10 seconds we had a new champion, the shortest fight in history for a maximum title. Brock would win his fifth Wwe championship.

First Feud.

After winning the maximum title of the Wwe Mystery King would appear with a friend of his well known by Lesnar, he was Cain Velázquez. Cain was like UFC fighter Lesnar and they 2 had a fight in the octagon. In that fight Cain destroyed Lesnar. When Brock saw the Mexican we could see something that not very often happens with Lesnar, we could see that Brock was afraid of Cain and when he entered the ring Velázquez attacked Lesnar taking revenge for what he did to Mystery. A fight would be agreed between them 2 in the next event that was Crown in Jewell. The day has come to see them again in a ring, this time in a different form of contact sport, wrestling. He started the fight with a very UFC style, Cain managed to connect variations of punches to Lesnar and a good kick to the face that knocked the champion down. The aspirant went for Lesnar but he managed to counter his attack by making him a Kimura Lock with which he would take the victory and retain the Wwe world title. In this first defense Lesnar managed to beat his opponent in a 2 minute fight. Lesnar kept hitting Velázquez with his Finisher the F-5, but Mystery appeared, hitting Lesnar with a chair and he had to flee, very hurt. This is how his second feud was created with the masked Mystery King.

Second Feud.

Mystery and Lesnar were already at odds from the start. Rey’s friend Cain was unable to beat Lesnar so he set to work hard, to further win the title, take revenge on what Lesnar did to him and even more importantly to his son Dominic. They would face each other in Survivor Series in a No Holds Barred Match. Mystery had a new friend, a metal tube. The fight would begin with absolute domination of the champion. Brock sent Mystery down the comment table and hit him hard in the ring. The fight would be matched when Dominic appeared to beg for mercy for his father. This was all a trap to get his father to catch his breath after the massacre Lesnar was subjecting him to. Mystery and Dominic attacked the beast and left an emotional moment in the fight. The 2 rushed to make the 619 on Brock Lesnar a moment as I say very emotional. This matched the fight and gave him a lot of emotion, but when the fight was heating up taking a very good pace and leaving us surprised, Lesnar out of nowhere took out his F-5 and defeated Mystery. A 7 minute fight that left interesting moments.

Royal Rumble.

In Royal Rumble he came out as number 1. He said he was going to be defeating 1 to 1 all the fighters who were entering. That’s right, each fighter who entered was eliminated by Lesnar quickly. Until number 16 Drew McIntyre arrived. Brock received a blow to his noble parts from Ricochet so that Drew would then finish him off with tremendous Claymore and eliminate him from the Rumble. Brutal was the confrontation they had after the elimination, as Drew looked at Lesnar at that time it was very epic. Drew won the Rumble and it was clear he was going to go after the beast Brock Lesnar.

Third Feud.

Brock would have his last defense before Wrestlemania, this time against Ricochet. With this fighter he also had pending accounts, because he was the one who hit Lesnar with a low blow in the royal battle. Ricochet won a triple treath match in which the winner would face Lesnar in Arabia. Lesnar in the Super show down He settled the pending accounts with Ricochet and beat him without receiving a hit. Now if he only had one rival in his sights. The Scotsman who eliminated him in the Rumble.

End of his reign.

Wrestlemania came to face Drew in the main event on night 2. The story had been built very well and McIntyre came very very very over to the great event. The match began and each had their moment of dominance until finally Drew connected tremendous Claymore and beat Lesnar to end his reign as world title champion.

So far we have the fifth reign as Lesnar’s world champion. A reign with very short fights, but with this great final rivalry with which he says goodbye to the maximum title.

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