This Habs worries Barça

Ousmane Dembélé, the FC Barcelona striker, would intend to leave the Blaugrana free at the end of his lease in 2022 according to the Spanish press.

Placed on the start list during the last summer transfer market, the French world champion finally decided to stay in Catalonia. Manchester United had long worked to afford the services of the former BVB but the latter refused to leave, at the last minute, against the wishes of the management of FC Barcelona and to the regret of the Red Devils.

Ousmane Dembélé wants to go free

Having only a year and a half of contract with the Catalans, Ousmane Dembele will find itself in a strong position at the negotiating table in the coming months. According to Sport reports, Barca executives recently approached the player’s entourage regarding a contract extension. The Spaniards would not have been reassured by the relatives of the 23-year-old. Ousmane Dembélé does not intend to extend his lease and would consider leaving free at the end of his contract. A big blow to the finances of the club for a player recruited 105 million euros in 2017.

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