“This goes for everyone who feels the Royal!”

A title of Cup it is worth a lot, that they tell Imanol Sheriff. The Real Sociedad coach became one of the great heroes of winning the KO tournament after an exciting final against him Athletic Club, and he wanted to dedicate it to the fans with a special tribute at the press conference after the match.

Imanol arrived at the press room of the Cartuja Stadium dressed as he had finished the game, but soon asked permission to change his attire for that of a true fan of the Real society. Then, Alguacil changed his dark look for a blue and white shirt and scarf, and began to sing a song in tribute to all those fans who have left their skin for the team and who, due to the coronavirus pandemic, could not be present in one of the most important moments in the history of the entity.

“I’m going to go from coach mode to amateur mode if you allow me”, began Alguacil, little given to offering shows, but who made an exception to initiate this emotional tribute. «This goes for all of you, Guipúzcoa !! For all those who feel the Real !! Come on Real !! Whoops, Real !! Come on, Goazen !! ».

Sheriff also explained, calmly and in ‘coach mode’, how emotional the victory was for all the fans and for himself in these difficult moments. «It is something great and I want to offer it to the doctors, nurses and the people who are on the front line fighting, saving so many lives, because that does have merit and it is also for all of them. My uncle passed away this week from covid, my family has sufferedWe have received great support from my people … and I also dedicate it to all of them, ”he commented, excited.

«I have gone out with my wife a little and only in the mountains, at home always with a mask … I have been unbearable in the last weeks and they have been the first ones that I remember“, He added, also stressing that Real was” justly deserving of winning the Cup “and that they lived the final” calmly because I saw them focused and working very well even though they were playing something very important. “