This Friday the Russian vaccine Sputnik V will arrive in Mexico

By Natalia Vitela / Óscar Uscanga. The Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19 It could arrive on February 20 and it is estimated that there will be 200 thousand doses, announced Hugo Lopez-Gatell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion.

« Today we already received the Sputnik bill, both the global one, which is for 12 million treatment schemes, and the immediate one, which will be for 200 thousand doses, and we are trying to get it to arrive this Saturday, » he said.

About the application of vaccines for older adults in urban areas, indicated that immunization is expected to begin with the shipment of the Pfizer vaccine that will arrive in the country on March 2.

« We will have about 400 thousand doses left … that could already be used in older adults and as Pfizer vaccine requires deep freezing progress will be made in urban areas, « he said.

The Russian vaccine would arrive in Mexico this Friday. Photo: .

He specified that with the shipments of Pfizer vaccines on February 13 and 23, the second doses will be applied to first-line health personnel.

Meanwhile, businessman accuses government blockade for vaccines

The businessman Alejandro Cossío, who insists that he agreed to the acquisition of Sputnik-V vaccines, affirmed that there are blockages and disqualifications from the federal government to prevent the doses from being distributed in Mexico.

Although last January Russia assured that the Veracruz businessman’s claims were false, he now expressed that only in Mexico he was not allowed to distribute 2.5 million doses due to political pressure.

« In January 2021, I signed the contract in Miami to purchase 2.5 million Sputnik V vaccines. Since I made my contract public, I have only received attacks and disqualifications from federal officials responsible for the mismanagement of the pandemic, » he said.

« At no time did they care to know how I did it, it has only moved them to disqualify me and try to find a political motive, it hurts me that being able to reduce the pain in my country, I have to take the vaccines that I acquired to be distributed in another country ».

Cossío insisted to REFORMA that he expects that on February 22 the deliveries of the anti-Covid vaccine in Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Honduras and the Dominican Republic will be demonstrated.

His partner from the company Construmedic SA de CV, Evaristo Vázquez, said that only Mexico blocked the arrival of the vaccines, for that reason the company Carat 7. INC, alleged Sputnik distributor, was requested only for the logistics of what was foreseen in Mexico.

« They cannot be brought to Mexico at the moment, but that does not apply to other places, it can be taken to other places to help the population, » he said.

« I do not know who has blocked to bring the vaccines, I see that it is a way to help, because we remember that more than 70 million doses are needed to have the number of immunized and achieve the herd effect. »

Cossío Hernández, a former local deputy in Veracruz, assures that since 1988 he has been in the business of distributing health equipment and that currently among his clients is the Government of Mexico City.

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