A few months ago we tried Motion, a extension for Google Chrome with a very clear mission: to avoid being distracted when we are sailing. Its creators assured us that thanks to this tool we could “save an hour a day, by intercepting pages” that destroy our concentration.

A few hours ago they released a major update (version 2.0 of this extension), and now they provide us with many features to be more productive. If they once offered a way to avoid distractions, now they promise we’ll get “get things done faster, be more organized and stay on the workflow”.

Access to calendar, notes and keyboard shortcuts

Motion developers asked themselves: “If we were to create a new browser for work, what would it be like?” Under this premise they have released version 2.0, in which they expand the initial focus.

They claim they spoke to hundreds of users, to expose “the most painful problems for Chrome power users.” One of the hot spots has to do with having too many tabs open.

With this new version of Motion we cangroup the tabs into “sub-tabs”, quickly find tabs that we have open or close them in a simpler way:

In addition, they include a number of keyboard shortcuts that help us automate and simplify those tasks that we commonly do. For example, if we press ‘Cmd-Shift-U’ we will directly open the calendar.

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Other important aspects is that they incorporate from a Pomodoro timer, to a task management system and daily they will offer us a report that will allow us to know how we use our time when we navigate.

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Its creators claim that we can reduce browser memory consumption by up to 90%, since this extension will be in charge of “suspending inactive tabs so that they don’t hog resources and slow down your work”.

It is appreciated to always have a calendar or a place to quickly jot down notes or tasks. The truth is that this update completely changes the use of Motion, which goes from being a support to avoid distractions to becoming a complete ecosystem to improve our productivity.

Those who used Motion to avoid distractions will be able to continue doing it for free, but if we want to use all these new features we will have to pay a monthly subscription of $ 6. The positive point is that we can try it for free for 14 days and then decide if it interests us.


Fewer distractions, more productivity: this Chrome extension is a Swiss Army knife for our day to day