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If you need a warning sign for your car, please don’t buy a triangle. They are much more effective and safe DGT approved emergency lights. At Amazon you have them at a discount.

The triangles force them out of the car to place them on the road, with the danger that this entails. It is also an action that disabled people cannot carry out. The emergency light Help Flash It can be activated by everyone in just a few seconds, without leaving a car, and it is also on sale. You can get it on Amazon for only 20.24 euros.

It has been approved by the DGT (IDIADA approval number PC19010175), so it will not give you problems. Is about a magnetic LED light that you can carry in the glove compartment. If you have to stop on the road, you simply have to place it on the exterior roof of the car, something you can do without getting off, directly from the window. Thanks to the powerful magnet it has attaches to the ceiling and is also activated automatically (although it also has a manual activation mode).

This security light would replace the emergency triangles in 2025. It has two hours of autonomy and lasts up to four years without recharging.

By not having to get out of the car, you avoid being run over. And thanks to its round shape Illuminates 360 degrees, and is visible within 1 kilometer with low visibility.

It works with a 9V battery that guarantees 2.5 hours autonomy in emergency mode. This battery does not sulfate, so it can remain in the lamp for several years, without damaging it.

Can also be used as magnetic flashlight (very useful to release both hands), and in that case the autonomy increases after 5 hours.

You don’t have to wait for Black Friday to buy a cheap emergency light. The model Help Flash It has a discount on Amazon and only costs 20.24 euros.

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