This email from the Tax Agency has nothing to do with Income 2021: it is false and installs malware | Technology

Use extreme caution if you don’t want to be a victim of a scam. And it is that, coinciding with the Income 2021 campaign, emails are appearing that impersonate the Tax Agency to install malware on your PC.

The same thing happens every year. When the campaign to present the income statement is about to start, cybercriminals start sending emails impersonating the Tax Agency. Its objective is none other than to steal users’ personal data, install malware on their computers or carry out other malicious actions.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 7, the campaign for Income 2020-2021 will kick off, in which citizens have to present the declaration corresponding to fiscal year 2020. Taking advantage of the situation, criminals have begun to send false emails supposedly sent by the Treasury, but that have nothing to do with the Tax Agency.

The Internet User Security Office (OSI) of the National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) has been in charge of raising the alarm. This organism has detected a phishing campaign that aims to infect computers with a virus using the Tax Agency as a hook.

As you can see in the image on these lines, the email includes the logos of the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Agency to appear legitimate. In addition, the logo of the Electronic Office is also present where you can process the Income Statement online.

The body of the message is very brief: it indicates that “there is a registered tax action” in the Treasury database, and invites you to consult all the related information by downloading a compressed file in ZIP format.

But, as you can imagine, none of this is real and it is just a ruse to deceive the victims. If you download and run the file, your computer will be infected with malware. Therefore, in case you have received an email of these characteristics, delete it as soon as possible and do not download the attachments under any circumstances.

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It is important that you keep in mind that The Tax Agency will never send you an email of this type. If they contact you by email, they will notify you that you have new notifications in the Electronic Office, and you will be able to consult them by entering your personal area.

Hacienda will never attach private documentation to you by email, so whenever you receive such an email, delete it because it is a scam.