Javier Fernández stars in the campaign, recorded at the Ice Palace in Madrid

The DGT has returned to the Madrid Ice Palace, morgue during the worst weeks of the Covid-19 health crisis, to ask drivers to exercise caution at the wheel. The award-winning figure skater Javier Fernández is the protagonist of his new campaign, designed for the summer months.

Fernández performs a routine on the track, but the viewer does not know that he is in the Ice Palace until the last moment, when the lighting is turned on and the location is revealed. This facility was the largest provisional morgue in the Community of Madrid, receiving 1,145 deceased between March 24 and April 22.

The director general of Traffic, Pere Navarro, has presented the new campaign this Monday in the company of the interior minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, and the undersecretary of the Interior Ministry, Isabel Goicoechea. The campaign also covers surveillance and regulatory devices for the summer months.

The General Directorate of Traffic has been inspired by the exceptional nature of the coronavirus pandemic and the pain it has caused. “The health crisis has taught us as a society the importance of complying with the rules and precautions that we have to have so that the virus does not spread, behaviors similar to those that must be adopted to deal with traffic accidents,” he said. the body.

“The desire to recover the new normality can not lead us to commit recklessness on the road, since on more occasions than desired these recklessness usually end in fatal accidents. If we have overcome the acute phase of the coronavirus, we cannot spoil it on the road, because this country cannot bear more deaths, “said the minister.

The campaign takes the form of a 60-second ad and a short version of 30, with the hashtag #NoMasMuertesDGT and radio spots. A documentary has also been produced with testimonies of people who have been on the front line of the pandemic. It will be available throughout the summer.

The DGT has also remarked that the recovery of traffic is progressive, but that journeys are still 20% less than last year. He understands that the current situation will condition travel and that weekend or short-term getaways will predominate.

To face the summer campaign, the entity has 1,324 speed control points, with 548 mobile radars, 12 helicopters and 746 fixed speed controls, 80 of them on the stretch. Also with 216 cameras that control the use of mobile phones, 11 drones and 15 camouflaged vans.

During July and summer there will be a speed campaign, another focused on motorists and a last one on alcohol and drug use. In the summer of last year, there were 215 fatalities on Spanish roads.

Presentation of the DGT summer campaign

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