this could be the new sports car

The Toyota Corolla range could welcome in a few months a sporty GR version, whose maximum power could be around 300 hp.

April 27, 2021 (2:50 p.m. CET)

In the picture, the Toyota Corolla GR Sport Electric HybridIn the picture, the Toyota Corolla GR Sport Electric Hybrid

Fans of purebred sports vehicles and who have had the honor to be able to drive it they speak wonders of the new Toyota GR Yaris, one of the most vibrant sports models developed in recent years by a generalist car brand. The special department Toyota Gazoo Racing has been in charge of “begetting” the new sporty little beast and, shortly, will also make a promising GR Corolla.

According to various unofficial information to which has had access, the sporty behavior of the resulting GR Corolla would be less radical than the one offered by the GR Yaris. In this way, in the commissioning The point of the new version of the compact C-segment vehicle would seek to combine a balance between sportiness and practicality / usability for day to day.

Toyota Corolla GR Sport rear viewToyota Corolla GR Sport rear view

The motor that could incorporate the new GR Corolla 2022 would be in essence the same one that mounts the GR Yaris, that is, a 1.6 petrol turbocharged three-cylinder engine whose maximum power could be raised to 300 hp (compared to the 261 hp it yields in the sports utility). Should the new variant of the Japanese compact become a reality, the Japanese manufacturer would present on the market a serious competitor to models of the size of the Renault Megane RS, Honda civic type r Y VW Golf R, among others.

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In terms of body types, in addition to the five-door hatchback, the new GR version could also be available with the Touring Sports station wagon body variant.