This could be the folding iPhone

For a year and a few months, folding smartphones began to be marketed in Spain. Some of the brands that have already embarked on this new technological challenge are Samsung, Huawei or Motorola. Well, since 2017 it has been speculated that Apple was also working in this direction and now the rumors are even more consistent.

According to one of the biggest analysts and experts of everything that has to do with the Cupertino company, Ming-Chi Kuo, the company could launch its first foldable iPhone in late 2023.

Next, we tell you all the details that are known about the development of this new device.

What has transpired to date of this project is that it is located in the research and development stage. Regarding the display, MacRumors explains that Apple has contacted Samsung and LG to be possible suppliers of the screen of the new mobile. The screen would be OLED.

It has also been spread, on this screen, that Its resolution would range between 7.3 and 7.6 inches, a size very close to that of one of the products of the company led by Tim Cook, such as the iPad mini. If the resolution of the mobile panel is confirmed, it would be the largest mobile device Apple has ever made. This first position is currently held by the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max.

On the other hand, this mobile would be compatible with the Apple Pencil. What is unknown is whether one would be designed specifically for this new device or could work with either of the two existing models of stylus that the US company has released to date.

Regarding its appearance, it cannot be specified with certainty that it is a model with similarities to the design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, since what concerns the integration of the hinge responsible for opening and closing the mobile would still be in the creation phase .

Another important aspect about this prototype is if it would have an exterior panel or what technology would be associated with the phone screen.

Although everything indicates that Apple is working on expanding its market and also opening up to folding mobile phones, the truth is that there are many fringes to be specified and, for its part, Apple has not confirmed that it is going to release a model with these characteristics and benefits . If this model comes out, it would be the beginning of a new journey for the Cupertino firm, which would also subscribe to the new philosophy of providing mobile phones with features that make make your portability easier and more comfortable.