This could be Rosalia’s new boyfriend and we will tell you everything!

This could be Rosalia's new boyfriend and we'll tell you everything! (AP)

This could be Rosalia’s new boyfriend and we will tell you everything! | AP

The renowned Spanish singer Rosalia and the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Rauw Alexander They would be in a couple and everything arises from the collaboration that both artists are doing, we also have a test that would practically confirm it.

In recent months, the theory that Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía are boyfriends has become really viral, as we remember that the confinement took Rosalía by surprise in the city of Miami, where she took advantage of the time and shared a day with Rauw Alejandro.

This is how the issue has become a trend and many media are uncertain if there is any love relationship between Rosalía and Rauw, since both artists share the same style of clothing and have coincided with the same look on several occasions.

The truth is that several investigations show that Rosalía and Rauw goes further and even many Internet users on social networks have shown that the singers could share a romantic relationship, due to different photographs they have collected.

It is worth mentioning that Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro have received hundreds of emojis, which support that both singers formalize a love relationship.

As if that were not enough, for reggaetón lovers, Rauw Alejandro’s new album, “Aphrodisíaco”, unites him more than ever with Rosalia, since the Catalan has participated in the production of “Dile A Him” ​​and “Strawberry Kiwi”, the two songs that open the Puerto Rican album.

On the other hand, Rosalía Vila Tobella, better known as “La Rosalía”, is a young and promising singer whose musical career does not stop growing and, as the owner of a natural beauty, has positioned herself among the “golden singles” of the Vanity Fair magazine.

And, despite being a public figure, we have never met a boyfriend of the composer, who keeps that private part of her life quite well.

The interpreter of “Malamente” has only shown an official relationship with C. Tangana for four years, who ended up breaking her heart into pieces.

However, the Spanish singer has left more than one counting flower petals, as was the case with J. Balvin, who assured that his love for her was not reciprocated, or the singer Ozuna, where the rumors with him were quite strong .

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Now apparently someone has managed to win his heart, the Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro, whom he met at the beginning of the year to do a musical collaboration. Although the singer has not yet come out to confirm it, everything indicates that he is the lucky one.

Rosalia Vila Tobella has been awarded two Latin Grammy Awards for “Malamente” and five for her second album “El mal quer”, which made her the Spanish artist with the most awards granted by the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for a only job, and two MTV Video Music Awards.

Her interest in music arose from the hand of her father, who encouraged her to sing when she was only seven years old and at the age of ten she began her musical training, concentrating fully on it three years later.

The singer appeared on the Spanish television talent scouting program “Tú si que vales” in 2008, although she was not selected and later, she worked as a duet with Juan Gómez “Chicuelo” at the 2013 Panama International Film Festival and the Festival Grec de Barcelona for the contemporary dance work De Carmen.

That same year he participated in the Association of Performing Arts Professionals Conference in New York and, later, was the soloist voice in the culminating work of the Espriu Year 2014 at the Palacio de la Música.

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