This concept brings the macOS Control Center to the iPad

Last year, at WWDC 2020, the latest version of macOS, Big Sur, was unveiled. This new update, brought with it lots of new features of great importance, such as Apple Silicon chip support. But, in addition, she was also responsible for completely change the layout operating system.

macOS Big SurmacOS 11 Big Sur is the biggest leap from macOS in recent years.

From the icons to the programs themselves and each of the menus, macOS Big Sur is a complete renovation of the Mac. A new design that brings with it new ways of working. And among its most outstanding features, we find the Control Center, which has come from iOS and iPadOS to make life a little easier for Mac users.

In the new macOS Control Center, we can access all kinds of controls over the device’s hardware and software. Tasks like regulating the brightness, the volume, or simply disconnecting the Wi-Fi, become very simple. However, the appearance that he has brought with him It is not exactly the one we knew, and has raised a certain envy.

There are few who want have the macOS Big Sur Control Center layout on their iPads, and this latest concept shared on Reddit is one such example. In an image, we can see how good the new Control Center would look in macOS, with renewed controls and clearer switches.

MacOS Control Center conceptSource: Reddit (u / iamvinoth)

At Apple, they have already shown us in recent years that, as far as iPadOS is concerned, are trying to improve the user experience with major changes year after year. A couple of years ago, we got a new dock and a more utilized home screen, and last year came new widgets, new side menus, and features like universal search.

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In this way, it seems likely that, if Apple likes it as much as the community itself, we will end seeing the layout of the Control Center moved from macOS to iPadOS. At the moment, we will have to wait to see if iPadOS 15 is the lucky system in which such a change could be made, or if we will have to wait for future versions to have a little more hope.