This company offers you more than 2000 euros if you survive a 24-hour digital disconnection

Well, be 24 hours without using any type of electronic device? If so, this challenge is for you. The product comparison website has launched a challenge called ‘Digital Detox’ for those people who are willing to disconnect from all personal technology for 24 hours, that is, without mobile phone, television, video games, computers, smart watches or wearable technology.

In return, the company offers to pay no more and no less than $ 2,400 (about 2,000 euros at the exchange rate). Plus, it gives a $ 200 bonus to spend on tech-free products to pass the time. suggests that participants buy board games, painting or a typewriter to continue doing, without the internet, what they usually do with it.

To apply to the challenge, users must answer a series of questions that include how addicted they are to technology, what devices they use and even how many hours they spend connected to the screens.

All those who dare to try the challenge can apply to the offer from this Friday, March 26.

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