This Chinese train humiliates the Bugatti Bolide


The Asian giant has not been asleep for years and is sweeping cutting-edge fields such as technology, something that is evident in the formidable magnetic levitation train that is operational and exceeds 600 km / h.

China has just set a new record that makes what we know as high-speed trains almost ridiculous, practically doubling in performance. It is a true technological milestone, a train capable of running at 600 km / h thanks to magnetic levitation and that it is by far the fastest ground transportation method in the world. Well, the truth is that it would be necessary to define what we mean by land transport, because the only difference between this train and an airplane is the height at which they fly, since the magnetic levitation system consists of that, in not touching soil.

If you think that the Bugatti Bolide is a prodigy for its 500 km / h top speed, imagine a train loaded with people passing the Bugatti at 100 km / h even faster. It is true that it is still far from reaching 1,223 km / h of the fastest car in the world, but that was more of a plane without wings than a car.

Not being in contact with the rails, this train reaches impressive speeds with minimal energy consumption, since friction is reduced, but also very quiet. The only noise it produces is the aerodynamic noise when cutting the air at speeds above 400 km / h.

China’s new hyper-speed train can cover distances between cities 1,000 km apart in less than two hours, practically faster than an airplane (airplanes reach higher speeds, but take-off and landing take more time than the starts and stops of this electromagnetic projectile). This first tour has begun in the city of Qingdao and its developers (the national company CRRC that produces trains for the whole world) already plan to expand their services to other large cities.

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