This chicken nugget sells for almost $ 100,000 | Life

Sure, it’s a pretty fishy thing, but it’s done.

What were you thinking when you were getting up this morning? Surely seeing a news item about Among Us is very curious, and that is that a chicken nugget in the shape of one of the crew members of the game has been auctioned for a lump. No you’re not misreading, someone found one piece of chicken with this shape in a McDonald’s and decided to auction it.

Far from staying as one simple anecdote, or even like something curious, the chicken nugget The fast food chain was slowly gaining attention. So much that a few days ago her own official game account echoed the auction through eBay through their personal accounts in the RRSS.

And that was last Tuesday, June 1, when the nugget still had a figure of $ 34,443.43 at auction, something that increased and increased until reaching the current one. With the bids already closed, and terminated, the piece of chicken has been sold for the total of $ 99,997.00, almost $ 100,000 in a chicken nugget shaped like Among Us.

Obviously, it will be better that, on the one hand, the piece of chicken is preserved for when it reaches the person who has bought it, because if not it will end up spoiling. In turn, who have bid on the nugget you will have to do the same if you do not want all your money to go down the drain; although with this he has already won everything.

“There’s a chicken nugget with Among Us up for auction for $ 34,443.43 and I don’t know how to feel about it? But somehow? I want it,” it read. the game’s official account via Twitter.

This article was published in Hobby Consolas by José David Múñoz.

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