Some of the films that AMC theaters plan to screen are the original Star Wars trilogy, Black Panther and Vaseline

However, it is expected that not all stores that open on August 20 will be able to participate in the promotion.

In fact, in markets such as California and New York, the reduced price will not be able to be offered due to health concerns

The situation in cinemas is, by now, tragically iconic of the challenges of the new normal. Not only are they a non-essential sector, which has been relegated to the last stages of reopening to avoid a sudden increase in infections. It is also a business that relies on physical traffic and crowding in confined and confined spaces, a couple of factors that consumers don’t appreciate. But innovative ideas are beginning to emerge.

One of them has just been released by TechCrunch. The United States (USA) cinema chain AMC has just unveiled a new promotion to bring customers back to theaters. On August 20, the first wave of reopening of its stores is planned, with more than 100 establishments throughout the country. And for all those who are hesitant to show up, it will sell tickets to the functions for just 15 cents.

In national currency, this would mean only about three pesos and 33 cents. The promotion is not just a random discount. In fact, 15 cents is what AMC tickets cost in 1920, the year the brand was founded. This offer is expected to only last for one day, when the complexes reopen. Later, an average cost of five dollars will be established, about 100 Mexican pesos and equivalent to half of a regular ticket.

A good promotion to reactivate the cinemas?

AMC isn’t the first company to seduce consumers with promotions that are too good to pass up. For example, some companies are actually paying users to travel to certain popular tourist destinations. In China, an airline began offering « flights to nowhere », a promotion that sold out very quickly. For its part, HSBC is offering 25 percent rebates to new debit customers.

Related Notes

We must return to the specific case of cinemas. The problem with these rooms is that people not only do not go to their businesses for fear of the pandemic or because many of the stores have not been able to open. The Hollywood release cycle is totally altered, with agents like Disney only betraying their allies and preferring to stream their movies. Thus, the only thing that the few open complexes are transmitting are tapes that are already old.

This does not imply that going to theaters is unattractive. Many projects, such as drive-ins or indie theaters, survive by passing films that are not premieres. But the truth is that there is not the same incentive for the big screen experience, especially with the pandemic still ongoing. Tickets at 15 cents will serve to attract a part of the population and show them that the risk is controlled. But it will not be anywhere near the silver bullet that the sector expects.

Promotions: An option to get out of the health crisis

Although neither theaters nor any other industry will be able to get out of the hole created by the pandemic with only a discount strategy, the promotions could still be beneficial. Emirates for example is giving customers some certainty with their offer to pay for their funeral if they die of COVID-19. Dunkin’s free donuts and coffee will help increase your number of repeat customers. And extending delivery hours, like Burger King, will bring more money.

What other promotional strategies can businesses do to try to achieve a similar revival effect to theaters in the US? According to Insider, in tourism it is very common to offer free stays and coupons for different attractions. According to Capillary, it’s also a good idea to find the highest-performing products and lead discounts and promotions with them. And Kantar assures that the reduced prices will be very popular.