This Cecotec air conditioner refreshes your home without taking up space and is on sale for € 84.90 | Technology

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To refresh your home this summer you don’t need a hulk that takes up the whole room. This Cecotec air conditioner in tower format is ultra-compact and is on sale for 84.90 euros.

In the market you have at your disposal all kinds of appliances to keep your home cool in summer, from the simplest fans to the most sophisticated air conditioning systems.

If you want to refresh your home without having to install anything or put annoying pipes in the window, this Cecotec air conditioner is perfect for you. It has a tower format, so it is very compact and hardly takes up space, and is on sale for 84.90 euros.

We talk about EnergySilence 2000 Cool Tower Smart, an evaporative cooler that cools the environment through cold water. It has a tank with a capacity of 2 liters, which allows it to work for a long time. The colder the water you add, the cooler it will be.

Evaporative tower cooler with a power of 60 W and a large air flow. It has three modes and three levels of operation, can be controlled with a remote control and has a timer.

This Cecotec penguin has a power of 60 W, which allows it to generate freshness very quickly. It provides a large air flow of 800 m3 / h, and thanks to its height of 1 meter it can offer a higher air flow than other models.

The air conditioner has three operating modes: the normal, which is the standard for most of the time; the sleep mode, which is the quietest, specially designed for the night; and the eco mode to save on the electricity bill. Besides, also has three speeds that can be adjusted according to the needs of each moment.

The appliance has an LED display in which you can see the room temperature and the selected settings. You can handle it directly on the screen or, if you prefer, through your remote control, where apart from adjusting the mode and speed you can also activate the oscillation and the timer.

EnergySilence 2000 Cool Tower Smart It not only refreshes your home, but also purifies the air. It has a filter in the back that retains the largest particles present in the air, in a way that reduces the pollution in your home and distributes cleaner air.

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