The Spotify, Music, Meet Podcasts campaign was created for a global audience

The Same But Different video is just part of a series of digital and Out-of-Home activations planned by the streaming platform.

With this activation, the Listening is Everything concept is also launched, which would guide the brand’s future commercial efforts.

The overall goal of any advertising campaign is to convince consumers to make a purchase of the product or service being promoted. Sometimes the only expectation is to create awareness of the brand, either by making it known or by reaffirming its reputation. But there are special circumstances where an ad also casts a concrete picture of how the company has managed to stand out from its rivals. For example, the Spotify spot.

For years, the audio streaming platform has positioned itself as the most powerful agent in its sector. While it has been particularly focused on podcast production in recent months, it still maintains a clear leadership in music as well. What is the key to your success? Although it is a multi-factorial phenomenon, the new Spotify campaign for the global market gives a small sample of that detail. And the way he does it is great.

The spot does not last longer than 15 seconds. Through a simple, but attractive animation, Spotify shows several people listening to the same song or podcast at the same time. While some cook, others train and some are simply in their free time specifically enjoying the content. Thus, the streaming platform implies that its key to success is that it has strived for something of universal appeal.

Know how to distinguish yourself from the competition in a campaign

Although it is not common, many companies are not afraid to directly mention their rivals in a campaign. For example, Microsoft poked fun at Apple Macs with a very clever comic skit featuring an individual who shares the same name as computers. Mint Mobile, with the help of Ryan Reynolds, poked fun at brands that spend millions on marketing strategies. Arby’s even created the antithesis of the entire Beyond Meat business.

Related Notes

Admittedly, any campaign is about distinguishing yourself from rivals and knowing how to position yourself as an industry leader. However, there are different ways to do it. The vast majority of brands simply praise their products, services, and business philosophy, never mentioning their competitors. Those brands that are not afraid to fight do not limit themselves to creating clear comparisons between their portfolio and that of their enemies.

Why then does the Spotify campaign stand out? The company enjoys a position that is equally enviable and complex. As an industry leader, you must defend tooth and nail for the added value that allowed you to occupy this specific distinction, without giving space to your smaller rivals. It’s great that you solve this problem through a message connecting with your community. In that way, the central message is both intimate and powerful.

Universality and animation

Another curious element of this campaign is the way in which he puts live-action recording aside and prefers to opt for animation. Spotify is not the only one who has made this decision. For example, Bodyform created a powerful message of female empowerment with a mix of both styles on menstruation. YT Industries chose the anime format to create an eye-catching, action-packed spot. For its part, KFC unleashed its humor on Christmas.

But the case of Spotify stands out particularly because animation allows you to create a better overall campaign. According to Darvideo, this style of production is crucial when developing universal messages. According to Voices, design freedoms help create a series of characters with expressions and identity that anyone could relate to. And in AATMA data, they also have a much more widespread appeal than live-action.