Maxmat’s campaign, Fábrica Preços Imbatíveis, was created by the agency Lola Normajean, Portugal, for that country

In fact, the main characters in this animation are called Max and Mat, just like the brand

For several years, this retailer has generated ads that combine this 3D style with live action shots.

The similarities between video advertising and film / TV are, on many occasions, evident. Of course, the two disciplines seek to convey a message with audiovisual resources. Only, while a campaign has a commercial purpose, a movie or series tends to be a bit more artistic or social in nature. Unfortunately, there are elements of these films that any spot could adopt to be more attractive, and which are not always fully used.

A very interesting example of how good an ad can be if you follow some additional cinematography rules comes from the side of the Portuguese brand Maxmat. The company is dedicated to selling products and supplies for home repair and construction projects. In his most recent campaign, he demonstrates the power of one of the most crucial principles in film. The capacity that a story can be understood, even without using audio.

And it is that the animation in this campaign is so expressive and dynamic, that it allows us to perfectly understand what kind of emotions and ideas are being transmitted. It is not only understood, from the beginning, the idea that the brand is always working behind the scenes to provide the best possible service to consumers. At the same time it manages to transmit emotions such as urgency, emotion and enthusiasm. This, while the main story unfolds clearly.

Is the power of animation responsible for this campaign?

Sure, Maxmat isn’t the only company that has managed to convey a great narrative without having to use a single sound or word. For example, the latest LEGO campaign, while heavily supported by sound elements, has a greater emphasis on the visual impact of images. The misfortunes that Hedvig reflects in his new spots speak for themselves. And Air Wick’s new strategy seems built almost exclusively to appeal in this regard.

Related Notes

What makes this Maxmat campaign different from other ads on the market? One reason the story, message, and context of the ad is so well understood is how expressive it can be. And this is a direct consequence of working with animation. Without having the limitations of a live action recording, much more colorful scenes can be projected. Not only that, but it also allows to give a unified and consistent style to the entire project.

There is something that many companies forget about the audiovisual channel, and that is that sound and image, even if they are complements, cannot depend on each other. This campaign is very good because it takes this principle to its ultimate consequences, creating a more complete message for the consumer. And of course, this same effect could be achieved using live action. But it is much easier when you have the help of animation and its more flexible rules.

Other advantages of animation

It is worth mentioning that a campaign using this recording style can not only have a more powerful message. Tata Tiscon shows that animation can also be used to convey a feeling of innocence. YT Industries, on the other hand, reveals that it is perfect when developing a unique visual style that really stands out above all the competition. And KFC reaffirms its well-known potential to amplify comic proposals.

From a business perspective, campaigning using animation also has a number of advantages for companies. Voices points out that this is a fairly cheap and flexible strategy, compared to trying to make a more conventional recording. Digital Glue, on the other hand, reaffirms that it helps brands generate a more durable and quality impression. And The Clean Web reaffirms that it is also much easier to reuse than other resources.