A book addresses digital markting but from the perspective of professionals and how they should manage their talent in this area.

Digital has become the obligatory channel in which brands and professionals have had to migrate during this contingency, because the COVID-19 pandemic made this medium an indispensable channel, in order to continue maintaining commercial operations or to manage personal talent in new areas entirely online.

The recommendation of this occasion is a work that gives the best recommendations for you to get into digital marketing and learn what each of the tools and strategies are that make this subject a critical area in your company or a compulsory specialty for your career. professional.

In Becoming A Digital Marketer: Gaining the Hard & Soft Skills for a Tech-Driven Marketing Career Anya and Gil Gildner They have prepared an important work that starts from basics such as explaining what marketing is, so it becomes a very good guide to help professionals develop strategies that are relevant.

A point that we cannot lose sight of in this work is the correct administration of strategies such as pay per click advertising or social media marketing, so relevant in these days when huge brands have boycotted Facebook, by refusing to follow advertising on this platform.

Another of the great topics addressed in this work is the handling of email marketing, which is one of the foundations within this matter, web development and the construction of content to do branding with them.

One of the many other topics that he also addresses in his work is the interpretation of data and the management of metrics, as well as a very common topic in this area, self-employment in marketing.

These types of works are great companions in your work with brands and in your talent management, so that you become a professional with unique skills in managing digital resources.