This book teaches you to close your sales with great success

Sales work is essential in these moments of contingency, in which we have witnessed how the market has adjusted more and more to new more restricted proposals.

An element that we cannot lose sight of today is that which has to do with the ability of the brands with which they have managed to determine their value in the market.

Among the aspects that have helped to innovate in the market we find those that warn us of the importance of a good trading strategy.

Negotiation is essential in any sales process and today it is crucial to be very clear about what you want to specify, especially when the health contingency has imposed a series of limitations, which warn us of the economic impact that a phenomenon has had health that has achieved drastic changes in all areas of our lives.

The commercial departments of companies have had to learn to rethink their products and to do so, negotiation is key to achieving impact objectives.

When this is achieved, highly relevant proposals are undoubtedly determined and not only that, critical activities are achieved in order to understand what is functional.

In Negotiating, Road to Success: Essential Strategies and Skills

, George siedel part of the idea that we all negotiate permanently in our daily lives.

This negotiation, Siedel explains, starts from the close circle of our relatives such as our parents, children and friends, to other aspects of our daily life such as buying a property, a car or when we are looking for a job.

Siedel goes on to assure that knowing how to negotiate is a critical skill in people’s professional careers and not only that, it is a crucial skill in a company.

Within his powerful work he develops chapters such as the first where he proposes to prepare to negotiate, where he talks about determining the type of negotiation, as well as responding to ethical questions.

In another topic, he warns us about the use of key strategies in a negotiation, developing relationships and understanding the use of tools that allow us to go beyond the legal formalities.

One of the markets where we see that the negotiation transcends daily is the political one, when we noticed a study conducted by Yougov, where it is noted that if you had to choose, what do you recommend to the United States congressmen, when negotiating agreements of the federal budget?

The consensus between Democrats and Republicans is that in order to reach an agreement, lawmakers have to even sacrifice priorities in which they believe.

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