Selling has become a great opportunity for people during this contingency, in which the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus has forced us to stay safe, so the idea of ​​creating a successful business has become an opportunity to diversify income or to find a new one, in the event of possible layoffs in the companies affected by the unexpected contingency.

This is the reason that entrepreneurs have today, to be able to develop a business that helps them adapt economically to the situation we are experiencing due to the unexpected contingency of COVID-19.

To achieve these ambitious but necessary goals, a book claims to offer all the knowledge to help create a simple but effective plan and achieve a millionaire business.

In The Big Plan: A Simple Strategy for Growing an Extraordinary Business Mike michalowicz He has prepared a work in which he assures that there is an amazing method that helps any small business become a multi-million dollar company.

The famous method is none other than the one used by farmers, to grow huge pumpkins and win competitions with them.

Within the work, Michalowicz assures that entrepreneurs are in a situation where they go out to the market and fall prey to a regrettable habit in which they only sell and produce to survive, which frankly wears them down.

Michalowicz assures that he was one of these entrepreneurs, until one day on the eve of celebrating the Day of the Dead, he was inspired by the huge pumpkins that farmers use to decorate during this season.

The author assures that his business proposal is to grow companies as if they were giant pumpkins and to do so they must start by sowing the correct seeds, since he says that this plan helped his company to become a millionaire company and leader in the industry in which it competes.

The proposal of the creator of this original work is that companies have to stop wasting time doing everything to please customers and instead proposes to discover what aspects distinguish them from the rest of the competition, to focus efforts on this quality, on something he calls « weeding the losers ».

Within his original text, the author says that a bad pumpkin spoils the harvest and that the same happens with customers, so it must be paid to those who contribute to the company and discard those that are not healthy.