This book promises to teach you everything from scratch to investor

An element of great help in this effort is the one that warns us of the capacity that brands have today to innovate in the market, in tasks such as being an investor.

Among the elements that help us to be able to work in the face of the current situation, an important key point of view is to understand consumption.

As you might expect, one element that has been detonated in the midst of these efforts has to do with the way you understand resources and their generation.

Becoming an investor is a mandatory task for many professionals who seek to stop putting their entire lives in a single income, that is why with the guide of a book you can achieve it, as proposed by Omar – Financial Education in From Zero to Investor: Master the money game


The author has a series of chapters in which he teaches you to learn how to save, pay off your debts, understand inflation. Knowing how to operate around financial goals and mastering the instruments that help you achieve it.

Diversify your income

Diversifying income is part of a task that professionals adopt every day, as part of an effort with which they seek to be able to have resources, that give you greater economic freedom or the possibility of investing in your business.

Faced with these challenges, diversifying income is an important task as long as you start from assessing what currently allows you income and the ability to have resources, to start from this reality and not from an aspiration, which only manages to distract you from the real work that you need to carry out, in order to diversify.

Lose the fear of investing

Rather than losing the fear of money, one has to stop procrastinating and thereby establish new consumption patterns, which undoubtedly warn us of the opportunity there is in a correct use of resources.

Ignorance is one of the many reasons why it is decided not to take a step in everything that helps us invest and maintain the growth of our capital.

As is to be expected in these options, a key point is the one that warns us of the innovation that exists in terms of the resources through which it is possible to build brand value.