Design has been Apple’s biggest reference and a book reviews design for years that the popular technology brand has gone through.

An element that has distinguished Apple has been its design, with which it has consolidated a series of references in categories such as smartphones.

The iPhone has been the star product of this company for several years, but before reaching this moment, the brand has gone through various design stages that have made its products a benchmark in each of the categories in which it competes as it is the one of computation.

To be able to distinguish itself, the brand has had to innovate and design has been the best benchmark for how this brand has done it and not only that, it is a great example of how it has been able to stand out in the market.

Within Keep It Simple: The Early Design Years of Apple, his actor Hartmut Esslinger It promises to guide you through the true history of this brand, but it does so from a unique perspective, where design has been key for this firm.

With the help of 380 illustrations, the author shows you how design became the engine of Apple’s business and its areas dedicated to this matter are a critical area within the brand, since from the new proposals they are developing it is that Highly dynamic industries are established.