Selling is one of the most blessed activities today, because it gives you the opportunity to earn income regardless of the product or service in question, it all depends on reinventing yourself, due to the situation we live in; respond to a need, without having to discover the black thread, simply by offering a different version of something that is already known.

The activity of selling is a key opportunity to understand the market through a series of techniques that give you the possibility of selling when you can take advantage of the economic flow with which you can make money.

Tom kopkins, author of Selling In Hard Times says that the concept of difficult times refers to all kinds of aspects, but all of them bring about disruptive changes, which completely stop those who are not prepared for them.

Faced with these scenarios, Hopkins assures that professionals recognize that the best way to face adversity is to face it, which is why in the work it proposes to maintain a positive attitude in order to find answers to problems and succeed in sales.

Hopkins also presents in his work the experience he has had in the real world and recommends details of a plan, to reverse the negative effects of difficult times.

Understanding the challenges that we are experiencing today due to the COVID-19 pandemic that we face, has led platforms like Milieu Insight to discover which areas are the most challenging today,