this board game and this movie inspired the creation of the game

Among Us managed to win everyone’s hearts thanks to its interesting game mechanics, things that were inspired by two main things.

Among Us has presented us with a very entertaining game experience that it is perfect to play with friends and family, also with strangers, obviously.

But you should know that there is a certain board game that served as inspiration for the mechanics of this game and a movie that managed to give the atmosphere to the plot.

Board game

In real life you can get a couple of board games that are played exactly the same although they have completely different themes. These They are called Mafia and Werewolf.

These card games must be played with several people, and one of them (or more than one) are the Werewolves, each day someone must be accused of being the werewolf and if you hit it, the villagers win, but if not, you could have killed someone innocent and that night the werewolf may kill someone else, only to have the voting round start over until the villagers disappear or the werewolf dies.

As you can see, all this works in a very similar way to what we are used to in Among Us, so whoever knows how to lie better It will be the one who wins in case of being the impostor, while you must be very good at reading the lies of others to be able to know who the impostor is.

The movie

As for the movie that inspired the game, we have a film dating from 1982 directed by John Carpenter himself. We are talking of nothing more and nothing less than The Thing, a movie that in turn is based on the novel « Who Goes There? » written by author John W. Campbell.

The plot of this story introduces us to a group of scientists in Antarctica who find a frozen extraterrestrial life form. When trying After releasing it from its prison for study, they realize that it turns out to be a way of life that can take the shape and memories of whoever wants.

Everyone’s goal is to find out who was replaced by the alien life form before it kills everyone.

Justamente Among Us has a setting where you play in a research facility in a snowy area and obviously there is also a way of life posing as a team member.